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Reconstruction podtribunnyh premises Ice Sports Palace in Murmansk.

Reconstruction of a football field, east and west stands of the Central Stadium in the city of Murmansk.


Design of automatic fire alarm and voice warning of a fire in the premises of the Ice Palace of Sports in the city of Murmansk.

Poektirovanie emergency exits from the basement swimming pool in the city of Murmansk.

In 2008.:

- Design of the reconstruction of sports facilities sports complex «Valley coziness» in Murmansk (work started in 2007).. The project is the reconstruction of the existing shooting range for biathlon and ski stadium for the certification of IBU-IAS (International Biathlon Union) and the competition for the biathlon and ski racing at the Cup of Russia and the European Cup.

The project addressed the following issues:
- A sports stadium and the technology of ski trails for the biathlon and ski races.
- Expansion of the existing fire to the number of targets,
to hold international competitions.
- Installation of a new system of targets, meeting the requirements of SMEs.
- The system of timing events.
- Coverage of the ski stadium and ski trails for the biathlon.
- A platform for visitors to the sites 800-1000.
- Administrative building the sports complex (AC) with a block for storing weapons and ammunition, facilities for changing the athletes and training skis, medical unit, space for the organizers of the competition, judges, guests and media. Also ASK provides justiciary hall and conference hall.

All planned facilities and the system can be used for limited groups of people and parasportivnyh competition. In a project carried out a promising sketch master plan for the development of sports infrastructure Valley coziness.

In 2008.:

- Design of reconstruction Ice Sports Palace in the city of Murmansk (work started in 2006.). A project for the Universal Sports Hall, pristraivaemy to the existing building Ice Palace, where the replacement sports surfaces planned to conduct exercises and training for table tennis, wrestling, gymnastics, skiing, and a mass training of young hockey players and figure skaters in the synthetic surface (silicon dioxide). In addition, the project addressed the issues of utilization of thermal emissions from the existing refustanovki applying teplonasosnoy installation (TNU) for heat Ice Palace, the renovation of the heating and ventilation, electricity, cleaning water to fill the existing ice arena, security and fire alarm systems, replacement of roof coverings and enhance structural roof; completed section «Acoustic», which includes the development of a concert, sporting a sound and light.

In the year 2007.:

- Design of reconstruction swimming pool in Murmansk. The project addressed issues of strengthening of reinforced concrete and steel structural basin.

In 1994, 1997.:

- Design and construction of the 1st and 2nd partial reconstruction of the Central Stadium bursts in Murmansk, which provides a complete replacement of a football field and running track with the implementation of all engineering services and reconstruction, in this connection, the backbone of urban stormwater drainage, passing through the area Sports.

- For the first time in the Arctic designed and executed cover cinder track of the material «Regupol». Put in 1993, they now work without denial. Also completed construction work on the construction of the information boards, lighting towers, the press center, spectator stands, completed five administrative and sports facilities, including a recreation center of the three saunas with swimming pools, fitness centers, locker rooms and the executive.